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Infographic showing how to create a herbal salve or ointment using the herbal infused oil made with the method from my last blog. 
Making your own herbal salves is both rewarding and practical .  
The idea from this one is to make an elder leaf infused oil which gives a satisfying deep green colour and works as an insect repellant, heals the skin and helps reduce irritation from bites you have already sustained. 
It works on burns, bites, grazes, stings and all manner of irritating minor injuries and is worth having in any home medicine chest. You can choose oils that are appropriate for your family. I favour olive oil because unlike the nut oils virtually no-one is allergic to it. I tend to use shea butter as well as bees wax as it gives a nice texture. 
Generally a ratio of 7 or 8 parts oil to 1 part wax will give you a satisfying texture that spreads easily but protects the skin.  
Have fun but remember if you're doing this with children please make sure they realise the water in under the melting mixture is very hot. 
This infografic will show you how to make an infused oil using herbs from your allotment or garden. If you choose to pick herbs from the wild remember the following thing  
Make sure they are above the dog line (dogs like to mark their territory along their walks) 
Ensure you know exactly what you're picking. Some herbs, especially the carrot family (umbelifers) look very alike and some can be poisonous 
Check that your herbs are clean before putting them in the oil. Otherwise you'll be infusing all that insecty goodness too. 
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