We are all worried about corona virus. Everything has changed in what seems like the blink of an eye. 
Here at the Nottingham Herbalist we've been making changes to ensure that you continue to receive the support you need throughout the crisis. 
Medicines can be collected from the porch which has been sterilised and remains a clean environment. 
Consultations will be conducted via Zoom or phone. 
Repeat prescriptions should be ordered at least 5 days before medicines are needed as I have higher than usual amounts of dispensing to do and my dispensing assistant is in quarantine. 
If you have an emergency you can still contact me directly. I will help if I can. So far i've treated a lot of things you might normally take to your GP. I'm trained to do this and happy to help. I WILL tell you if you need to see a doctor! 

 Welcome!  This is the website and portal of Katherine Bellchambers: The Nottingham Herbalist 

Hello, I'm Katherine,  
The Nottingham Herbalist, trained and qualified to diagnose and support health problems at any time of life. 
Most people don't know why they feel the way they do but in my experience often the problem is hormone imbalance. 
Hormones are the body’s messengers in perfect harmony they create a sense of wellbeing and we easily become pregnant. If even one is out of balance it throws the whole delicate system into disarray. Finding the root cause of your hormonal problem is the key to optimum health and a sense of joy in just being. 
Hormones affect whether you are happy or sad, energetic or lethargic, ovulating or not ovulating, in pain or not in pain. 
My mission is to help you discover optimum health so you can stop thinking about how you feel and get on and enjoy life. 
I also help couples of all dynamics to achieve optimum fertility health so they can welcome the child they long for into the world. 
Working with me is a collaborative business. Together we discover your goals and using 
herbs, diet and lifestyle changes I help you be the best you can. 
I look forward to meeting you

How I can help? 

When people come to see me they are exhausted, distressed and at the end of their teather. Many women are struggling with hot flushes, anxiety, anger, low mood or low energy levels. Perhaps you are suffering from painful, irregular periods, heavy bleeding or even absent periods.  
Often they have been through failed IVF and failed or been trying for years and received no diagnosis. Together we unpack the whole story and find what is really going on. By treating you as a whole person rather than a collection of symptoms we can find the key to your health, your fertility, your hormonal imbalances and your exhaustion so you can get on with living your life. 
Painful, irregular or difficult periods 
Heavy bleeding at any time of life 
Low mood 
Apparently unexplained anger  
Have you spent months or years trying to get pregnant?  
Have you received a worrying result to a sperm test? 
Are you suffering from anxiety, difficulty making decisions or getting things done? 
Hot flushes,  
Difficulty sleeping 

  I can help you turn this around   

After giving birth to my daughter 2 years ago it took my body a while to gain back my strength - I followed a very nurturing, warming, Ayurvedic type of postnatal diet which helped me gain my strength. I also breastfed her until very recently and found my hormones very unbalanced lately. I started having irregular, painful periods and night sweats at times, not to mention mood swings and cravings. After nearly a month on Katherine’s mix, I can feel a massive difference. Less cravings, so much less painful periods, no more night sweats and just an overall better feeling!! I couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you Katherine Bellchambers. 
Liana Van Zyl Nottingham  

"Our hormones govern the way we feel every minute of every day. Why let them make you feel bad when you could be enjoying life instead  


Holistic Approach  

The process starts with a full medical history which gives us a baseline from where I can unpick the knitting of the problem. My patients develop a confidence in my abilities because of the time we spend together and that allows them to relax and engage with the process.  
Together we look at your lifestyle, your diet, the challenges you are dealing with and how those affect your health and wellbeing. 
We will agree a treatment program and a plan that is acheiveable and I will prescribe herbs that many women have found helpful in the management of their baseline health issues and in promoting hormonal and/or fertility health. The health programs at Nottingham Herbalist are designed individually to fit the needs of each client.  
No two people are the same so it makes sense that no two approaches are the same.  

How Can I Help? 

147 Loughborough Road 
West Bridgford | Nottingham 
Nottinghamshire | NG2 7JS 
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