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🌱 Ready to Uncover Your Unique Path to Wellness? Let's Connect! 🌼    After 15 enriching years in clinical practice, I've discovered that time is the secret ingredient to understanding you and your needs deeply.  Our journey begins with an initial appointment, a generous window of one and a half to two hours. During this time, we delve into your health, your lifestyle, the stressors you face, your diet, and the world around us – all essential pieces of your puzzle. From our time together, I'll have a clear understanding of your needs.  Your path might involve a short-term solution like a repeat prescription, or it might call for a tailored program designed just for you, spanning three, six, twelve months, or beyond. Remember, lasting transformation requires time, and while quick fixes are available, true balance and lifelong vitality demand more than the brief 10-minute types sessions that are offered by a GP.  Like one of my clients , who battled psoriasis for years. In our initial session, I identified dietary triggers and formulated a custom cream and spray. Within two months, Wendy was free from symptoms. Now if she was to see a recurrence she would just need to call for a repeat prescription  “ When I approached Katherine I was in despair at the state of my skin. In addition to psoriasis i had a condition no health professional had been able to diagnose. I had sun sensitivity caused by antibiotics and I had not left the house for weeks.   Katherine addressed my underlying stress and treated me with great attention to detail and compassion. My skin is now under control and mostly symptom free. I cannot reccommend her highly enough.”  Alison faced menopausal challenges and type 2 diabetes. Over two years, we conquered her menopausal symptoms and, with ongoing herbal support, she shed 7 stone while rediscovering the joy of a healthy body.  “ Working with Katherine has changed how I feel about my body, enabled me to loose weight and helped me understand what great healthcare looks like”  Alison 45 Nottingham   Our journey together starts by exploring your present situation and its roots. This deep dive allows me to pinpoint the underlying causes of your concerns. With this insight, I craft tailored medicines just for you – no cookie-cutter formulas.  While Doctors I know say they'd give their eye teeth for the luxury of time to get to know their patients and even just read their notes.  Many of my patients tell me this is the first time they've felt heard and seen and often understand themselves better than they did before.  Another client Victoria told me that after our appointment “I felt really special. No one has ever listened to me like this.” No one had asked her about herself or picked up on the things that she felt were important but didn’t know how to express. We are working towards eliminating the brain fog and mood disorders her perimenopause has caused. After one appointment, just being properly listened to she started to feel better.   So how does this work: Well together we will explore your health, diet, work, and commitments. My goal? Real solutions that fit your unique circumstances. If life is a juggling act for you with children, work, and maybe even a traveling partner, together let's find the approach that works within your reality. No fad diets, no extreme bans. Instead, we add and nourish. Only after this holistic exploration of your situation do I introduce herbal remedies tailored to your individual needs, expertly blended and compounded.  This isn't just about feeling better temporarily – it's about long-term transformation.  The foundation of our journey is the 1.5 to 2-hour initial appointment, valued at £150. From here, we'll craft a protocol that empowers you with tools to sustain wellness amidst life's challenges.  Need documents or research? These are billed in 15-minute blocks of a £95 per hour fee. And whether we meet in person, via video, or on the phone, the rates remain the same. For your convenience, home visits are available and are charged at the hourly rate, plus travel. Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Reach out to explore how we can unlock your full potential for lasting well-being.Working Together 

*The herbalist arranges home visits at her discretion. She does not drive so long distances are not feasible. 
I have 15 years of professional experience. As such I am often asked to consult or train for large corporations either in lifestyle and health management or the technical business of plants in food and healthcare. 
Consultancy Full day £750 
Consultancy Half day £400 
Lecturing training and writing by arrangement. 
Community work: At present My community efforts are directed via the Windmill Community Garden, Bobbers Mill, Nottingham. Were Iam currently teaching a community herbalism course. 
I lecture in Endocrinology and Human Reproduction at The School of Herbal Medicine in Bridgwater. 
Liquid medicines 
Herbal tinctures are made by steeping plant matter (the marc) in a mixture of water and alcohol (the menstruum) at different ratios. Water and alcohol extract different constitutents, for instancehigh levels of alcohol, usually 90% + are needed to disolve resin's like frankincense. For the more water soluble herbs no more than 25% alcohol is needed. I make as many of my own tinctures as is possible. 
Tinctures start at £14 for 105ml which is usually a week's supply. So medicine for 2 weeks is usually £28 and four weeks is £56 
Some tinctures, such as False unicorn root, Mushroom Forte and other endangered or slow growing herbs are more expensive. If I think there is a need for them we will discuss that at the consultation. 


Herbal teas are more usually called infusions by herbalists. 
Infusion is the process of steeping fresh or dried herbs in water for between 5 to 10 minutes. This is a gentle way of making medicines that can be taken more frequently than a tincture and it often helps to make deeper more long lasting improvements in wellbeing. 
Die hard herbalists and herb users will sometimes leave teas in a warm place to infuse overnight for something really strong but this often leads to unpalatable flavours. 
Single herb 50g From £8  
100g From £15 
Bespoke Blend 50g From £9 
100g From £17 
Again, Some herbs are significantly more expensive than others. Nettle, for instance, is native and grows freely. Buchu grows only in hot climates. This aromatic herb from South Africa, is especially effective for urinary tract infections but I can't grow it myself and an ethical supply that doesn't deplete the wild supply is priced accordingly. 


Capsules are a simple way of delivering herbs for people who choose not to consume alcohol, for folk who find the taste offputting (including children and neurodivergent people) We use Pulullan capsules which are made from tapioca or, occasionally HPMC capsules made from pine wood fibre. All our capsules are vegan freindly. 
We make all our capsules to order. We pick and dry or buy powders, concentrated extracts and whole herbs, in small batches so they are always fresh.  
Herb capsule prices from: 
30 Capsules £8 
60 Capsules £15 
100 Capsules £23 
200 Capsules £44 
Please note all capsules are size zero. However depending on the bulk of the herb the weight of each type of filled capsule may vary. For instance Resins like myrrh are very dry, heavy and dense, like sand. Powdered leaves, especially mucilaginous ones like marshmallow or raspberry leaf are fluffy and trap a lot of air so they have to be packed down heavily by hand and less can be pressed into the capsule.  

Creams, Balms and Salves  

Salves are oily, semi solid applications made with a liquid oil and a wax, melted together to make a stable application that lasts for longer than an oil and can take butters, essential oil and macerated plant constituents. They sit on the surface of the skin and protect it from the drying effects of water, cold and wind. 
Balms are simple creams made with a small amount of a water based liquid incorporated by warming all the ingredients to the same temperature and stirring till incorporated and cooled. They are slighly more hydrating than Salves but you would still want to add an hydrating ingredient below a balm if you have very dry skin. 
Creams are emulsions made with oil and water ingredients held in suspension by an emulsifier. These are lighter, carry water into the skin and are useful for treating dry, chapped and sore skin or for applying more water or tincture into the body to treat pain. 
Prices for creams vary depending on the complexity of the cream and the ingredients. CBD for instance is costly as are some essential oils. 
Salves and Balms are priced from  
Lip Salve 5g £5 
30g Salve £6.50 
60g Salve £12.00 
120g £22.00 
Creams are priced from: 
30g Cream £8.00 
60g Cream £15.00 
120g Cream £28.00 
Creams balms and salves should be kept in a cool dry place and put in the fridge if ambient temperature exceeds 25 degrees Centigrade. 
if they get to hot salves and balms will melt and may separate. If this happens then stir them while liquid and allow to set in a cool place. Creams may split and the water extracts may split from the oils and waxes. These can be stirred back in. They will still be effective but may not look as good. 


Herbal powders are whole dried resins, roots, leaves and seeds, that have been ground to a fine powder . 
They can be stirred into water, oil, yogurt or juice. Powders dont disolve as they are whole powdered herbs but they can be stirred first into a paste and then watered down till that mixture can be drunk. You can also add them to juices, smoothies or yogurts to aid ingestion. Some folk will even sprinkle them on toast or over porridge to aid consumption. Most people prefer to chuck them into a breakfast smoothie.  
I usually prescribe powders to people who struggle to take capsules, or who need something that will come directly in contact with the lining of the mouth, the throat or the stomach to protect it.  
Herbs like Marshmallow root and Slippery elm make a gel when they are stirred into water and this gel protects the delicate tissues of the digestive system. Some folk will even sprinkle them on toast or over porridge to aid consumption. 
Single herb powders:  
50g Single powder from £6.00 
100g Single powder from £12.00 
Organic Slippery Elm Powder: 
50g Powder £12.00 
100g Powder £22.00 
Please note Slippery Elm is in danger in the wild. Marshmallow root does many of the same things and as such i will only reccommend it to people in really serious difficulty.  

Consultancy, Training and Writing  

Katherine has 15 years of professional experience. As such she is often asked to consult or train for large corporations either in lifestyle and health management or the technical business of plants in food and healthcare. 
Consultancy Full day £750 
Consultancy Half day £400 
Lecturing training and writing by arrangement.  
Community work: At present Katherine's community efforts are directed via the Windmill Community Garden, Bobbers Mill, Nottingham. Were she is currently creating a community herbalism course. 
Katherine Lectures in Endocrinology and Human Reproduction at The School of Herbal Medicine in Bridgwater  


147 Loughborough Road 
West Bridgford | Nottingham 
Nottinghamshire | NG2 7JS 
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