Working Together 

I work with individuals and couples face to face and by phone and electronic means. 
I'd love to arrange a 30 minute free appointment with you to discuss your needs and how best we can work together. 
Contact me by clicking here. 
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 Looking at lifestyle 

You are what you eat. When it comes to hormone health and fertility it is no different. 
Eating a healthy diet can be very helpful but knowing what is right for your individual health is a minefield. 
Women who work with me find improving their diet and taking herbal medicine improves their chances of conceiving naturally and of successful IVF  
Reducing alcohol intake, coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages and other stimulants that challenge the liver can help the body naturally balance hormones. 
Are you deficient in essential nutrients? Do you need testing?  
Improving your diet is good for the whole family 
Lifestyle really just means how you live. Is the way you are living making your symptoms worse? I can help you find simple ways of putting things right 
Omnivor, vegetarian or vegan there are delicious healthy ways to support your body 


147 Loughborough Road 
West Bridgford | Nottingham 
Nottinghamshire | NG2 7JS 
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