Lets get together and make this phase the healthiest and happiest you've ever been! 
Menopause is probably the phase of life women are least prepared for. Before our periods a nurse comes to the school and talks to us all about what to expect. We get pregnant and receive mandatory ante-natal care. No care of this kind is available at the end of our reproductive phase. 
We are expected to know all about the menopause but it is only recently that women have started to speak openly about their experiences. Too many women are prescribed anti-depressants when, in fact, balancing their hormones would be lifechanging. If you are experiencing the following then maybe you don't need anti-depressants, you're going through a life stage. Hundreds of my patients tell me herbal medicine got them back track really quickly. There's no need to suffer. 
" When I went to see Katherine i was getting flushes all day and they were keeping me up at night. Wet through, and having to change the bedding most nights . I ended up sleeping on a towel which wasn't very comfortable. After the first couple of weeks they'd halved and 4 months on i get one or two but its not the nightmare it was." 
Liz, 56, Nottinghamshire 
Vaginal dryness and discomfort 
Mood changes 
Abdominal discomfort 
Changes in body temperature 
Sweating excessively or at unusual time 
Missing periods 
Lowered libido 
Joint Pain 
Difficulty sleeping 
Trouble concentrating 
Heavier or more painful periods 
Dry skin 
You don't need to suffer. Traditionally herbs have seen women through their hormonal changes with ease and comfort. They can help you too and i'd love to speak with you about how they can help. 


Your hormone profile is changing. It starts to change around our mid thirties and gradually moves towards perimenopause which, for many women strts to show its face around our early 40s  
If you don't want a family you still need to use protection. Perimenopausal women are still fertile! 
Do you still want a family? Peri menopause doesn't mean you are infertile. Research has shown that ovarian reserve is a poor indicator of whether you can have a baby and there are many things we can do to tip the balance in your favour.  
Whatever you want from this time of life how can I help you make sure you are in optimum health for the next step.  
Herbal medicine and nutritional changes may be all you need to see you sail happily through the rest of your life. Peri menopause is just the beginning of something wonderful. I'd love to help you make it easier. 


Menopause is technically just one day. It is the last day of your final period.  
So we tend to wonder what the problem is.  
Do we necessarily have to suffer the misery of hot sweats,  
flushes (flashes in America) dryness, vaginal discomfort, lowered libido? 
Simply put NO! No you don't.  


Over 50 doesn't mean over the hill. Early menopause isn't the end. 
Thank goodness! Goodby sanitary protection,  
goodbye worrying about whether it's safe to have unprotected sex. Freedom to get on with everything you ever wanted to do. 
You have wisdom, confidence and energy. And if your energy needs a tweak then herbs can help as can diet.  
Lets get together and make this phase the healthiest you've ever been! 


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