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Hot flushes are one of the great mysteries of the menopause. We can't be sure if it's high oestrogen, (because in the early part of the perimenopause period oestrogen rises) Low oestrogen (because, lets be honest oestrogen production does go down eventually.) Raised levels of follicle stimulating hormone, often regarded as THE marker of menopause, or the general imbalance that happens before your body stabilises. Whatever the cause what can be done about it?. 
This infografic will show you how to make an infused oil using herbs from your allotment or garden. If you choose to pick herbs from the wild remember the following thing  
Make sure they are above the dog line (dogs like to mark their territory along their walks) 
Ensure you know exactly what you're picking. Some herbs, especially the carrot family (umbelifers) look very alike and some can be poisonous 
Check that your herbs are clean before putting them in the oil. Otherwise you'll be infusing all that insecty goodness too. 
People often ask what a modern Medical Herbalist is. This blog tells you how i trained and what that means for you. Believe me it's more than a weekend course and a pot of basil on the windowsill. 
It's been a long time coming. 
When we started this everyone was wearing flip-flops and now even the trees aren't wearing their leaves. 
My website has always been a labour of love but it came to the point where i needed something brighter, more modern and more professional to help share the work i love doing with my clients and let more people find the help they need. 
I've had help from a lovely team of people. 
Corrina Rothwell designed the beautiful pictures I use on social media and here on the website. 
Jo Welch at Jo Welch Creative who took the lovely pictures and helped me feel more confident in front of a camera. 
Wendy Walker at Ovy Design who designed the beautiful Nottingham Herbalist logo and who i turn to whenever i need professioal looking graphics  
Caz Galloway who helped with copy editing. 
Bob Wilson at Bob Wilson Wellbeing for feeding me (and being there for nearly 18 years) 
Phil Revill at It'seeze web design Nottingham for prodding me into getting this show on the road and showing me what it could look like  
And Michele Walsh at i've learned so much about what is possible from her. And now i can share this with my own clients and patients. 
Get in touch if you think i can help. More than anything i want you to feel happy and healthy, sort out what ails you or have the healthy family you dream of. I hope this lovely shiny new website helps you find the information you need to come and see me  
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