What clients have to say about the herbalist. 
"After years with endometriosis i'm pain free, I don't have to wear baggy clothes,  
I don't look like i'm pregnant all the time and my gynecologist cant believe what's happening.  
I've met a lovely man and we're planning to move in together. This could never have happened without you." 
Lexie, Nottingham 
"I haven't changed weight but I've lost loads of fluid, I've got my waist back and I feel lighter and more comfortable. 
I've had my first normal period I think EVER" 
M. Nottingham 
"It didn't really occur to me I could be pregnant. After 3 rounds of failed IUI I'd only been on your mix 6 weeks  
and when I felt so sick that morning I thought I had food poisoning.  
My mum took one look at me and went and bought a pregnancy test AND ITS POSITIVE" 
Gabrielle Nottingham 
"The biggest change I've noticed is that for the first time in a very long while I'm sleeping at night.  
If I wake up I can get back to sleep but often I sleep through. I have more energy,  
I feel happier and I cope better"  
Monique, Nottingham 
"Thank you for the magic cream, swelling gone down, foot down on  
floor flat again and walking with one crutch. Spring is here and all is well, almost !!" 
Caroline Nottingham 
"I've been in pain for over 20 years. Gabapentin, tramadol, amitryptiline,  
so many pain killers and none of them really worked. I'd have told you sooner  
but i've only just realised I started taking your medicine on Tuesday and  
I just realised that i haven't taken any pain killers since Wednesday.  
Even the stomach pain has gone."  
Jamie Leicestershire. 
147 Loughborough Road 
West Bridgford | Nottingham 
Nottinghamshire | NG2 7JS